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Fabulous Faux Finishes is a full service painting company (see some of our notable work here). We offer the following:

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Molly S. King

"As a kid I experimented, redecorating and painting everything. I helped my parents repainting rental properties and I savored all of it. Since then, I got my experience from working for a large painting company in Nashville in 1998, and furthered my training at Decorative Finishes Studio in Louisville, KY.

After completing The Art and Business of Faux Finishing and Advanced Wall Finishes, I have enjoyed working full time for the past 12 years by owning and operating Fabulous Faux Finishes. I’ve worked in hundreds of homes and businesses in the Nashville area. I have also worked in the British Virgin Islands, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

What I like most about my work is that I never do the exact same finish twice, and each job is exciting and challenging. My favorite part of each job is when my client sees their new faux finish for the first time and loves it.

Notable Work: